The top TV series known as Sherlock which was originally released in the year 2010 has attracted a wider audience from season one to the current season which is season four. In the series, Sherlock comes across an enemy who provokes fear and terror on him. The man referred to as Culverton Smith is seemly unassailable, very powerful and has got a very dark secret in his sleeves. The title of the episode is The Lying. It is the second episode of Sherlock of season four. The episode was released on eighth of January of this year (2017). Nick HuDetectiverran is the director of the series. The storyline was written by Arthur Conan Doyle and Steve Moffat. Writing credits is also accredited to Mark Gatiss. Rupert Graves, Una Stubbs, Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are some of the key players in Sherlock season four episode two.

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Storyline of Episode 2

4K TVApparent philanthropist and entrepreneur as Culverton Smith test a new drug on daughter Faith and his workers to make them forget to what he confessed that he wanted to commit suicide. Concurrently Sherlock attempts to comfort John Watson after his wife losing her life. Faith has got not very clear memory and approaches Sherlock to figure out a likely victim.

The disappearance of Faith and Sherlock’s descent into drug taking lands in a hospital referred as Smith at his mercy. Sherlock appears to be helpless but that is not the case, and he finds his way on how to trap Smith though his therapist rebounds a shocking surprise on him as the last shock.


Hartswood Films is the company that produces the Sherlock series. It lasts for a duration of twenty-two minutes. The requires parental guide since it has got scenes of sex and nudity, violence and gore, profanity, drugs/ alcohol /smoking, frightening and intense parts.

Reviews of the user

TVSherlock of season four episode two under the title The Lying Detective has been rated highly by TV viewers who have got the opportunity to watch it. The majority of the viewers have rated it for five stars, and it has been given a nine out of ten. The reviews received so far in this year after the released on eighth of January are positive. One of the fans of the show says that episode two is his favorite Sherlock episode with all the visuals, someone cannot fully understand what is going on until the show reveals it.