One of the most unexpected toys of the year has been finally here, and it is none other than the ” Hatchimals “. The Hatchimal are considered toys which are exhibiting real life motions when they are played or touched by the child. These responsive toys have gained worldwide popularity due to its uniqueness and reports suggest that they have become the most wanted toys of the year.

The company Spin Master is the mastermind behind the creation, and the toy is simply a large egg which contains a toy in it. The large egg is made from a hard material similar to that of plastic. It has been found that, when the time is right, the egg hatches and the toy pops out creating fascinations in the child’s mind.

How to hatch the eggs

eggsTo get this egg hatched, the child needs to be in constant interaction with the shell, which contains a touch technology. When the toy is tapped by the child, the Hatchimal taps back. When you stroke it, it lights up making sounds. The toy is definitely unique in its creation and surely one of a kind. The toy usually hatches within 30 minutes of continuous play, all by itself. The breaking of the outer shell is done by the Hatchimal by pecking it continuously around the shell with force.

The hatched Hatchimal behavior changes within a couple of days and weeks. As a baby Hatchimal, the child needs to feed it daily by pecking its beak on the floor. It slowly grows and matures to become a toddler and finally an adult Hatchimal.

They are interactive

duckThe toy becomes more interactive and will respond more as it grows through its stages. As a toddler, it will dance, repeat your words and move when the child clap his/her hands. When the Hatchimal is in its adult stage, it would even play games with the child. The Hatchimals consist of two families, the Pengualas and Draggles which resemble like penguins, koalas, and dragons.

The company ” Spin master ” always had a clever approach towards making toys and the company claims that it took two years for them to develop it. It included selecting the material of the shell, timing for hatching and the touch responses, growing and maturing of the Hatchimal, etc. The company also ensured that the child is not bored with toy, before and after the hatching process of Hatchimal. The Hatchimal toy works all by itself doesn’t require any mobile app for its function like the other toys in the market. The toy is priced at $59.99 at Amazon.…