Forget the likes of Xbox and Sony console games that limit you to traditional controls. PC gaming comes packed with fantastic keyboard and mouse controls with high definition screen displays, and some top notch titles ranging from puzzles to sandbox explosive games, enough to excite adrenaline rush in any gaming enthusiast. While console die-hards still spend hours camping at outlets to get their hands on new releases, all the PC gamer needs to do is update software or get a hardware upgrade to move to the next level. Cost aside, let ‘s look at some technical stuff that put PC gaming way ahead of the console.

Advantages of PC gaming Over Console

Easy Updates

PC game developers will not wait forever before releasing a fresh new version of a game. As a matter of fact, some will automatically trickle to you automatic updates whenever you are online. Console gamesĀ are often upgraded in bulk and enthusiasts often have to wait for a relatively extended period to enjoy new add-ons.

Hardware Upgrades

PCs are versatile, and you only need to learn a little about the hardware to acglobecomplish upgrades on your own. You can upgrade to anything ranging from the RAM, processor speed, disk space, and video graphics. Manufacturers of PC hardware work around the clock to make the devices faster and efficient. This means that you will never have to endure long queues and cold nights waiting for an official release of some new version of the console.

High Definition Screens and Amazing Graphics

While console developers claim they deliver exceptionally in this area, they are far much behind when one considers the quality of output gamers are treated to in PC games. Gaming is the world, and the more you can see it clearly the better the experience. PC games are currently running as high as 2001p with resolutions of 1280 x 1024.


This is a new gaming niche that you will only find in PC games. The fun in gaming comes with the challenges they force players to endure. Cheats allow players to delve deeper into the developer’s codes and discover loopholes that can be used to gain an edge over competitors.

Amazing Mouse and Keyboard

Manufacturers havekeyboard gone a notch higher to produce mouse and keyboard support tailor-made for the modern gamer. The multicolored and multi-functional devices come in creative designs to make the gaming experience personal.

These are exactly the five reasons why PC gaming is better than a console. If you look at the reasons keenly, you might even realize that console games might soon be replaced entirely by PC games.…