Keeping up on your home can be an endless task. When each season comes and goes, it leaves you some work to be done around your home. Mother nature can be very hard on your landscaping and your home itself. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming. The best option is to write a list and follow it step by step.

Cleaning your rain gutters

When summer has come and gone, it will leave all kinds of stuff that your rain gutters will pick up. Fallen leaves are one of the biggest problems for your rain gutters. They fall on your house, and the first rain will clog the gutters and the extensions.

The best thing to do is sweep your roof and then clean the leaves and dead branches off of the roof. You can run an air hose up there and blow them out. Make sure you check the rain gutters extension.

Rust holes

old manCheck for rust and holes, and make sure that the gutters are still attached to your home correctly. You also need to check for dents, which could slow down the water flow from coming out of the rain gutters. See to it that the rain gutter spouts are still pointing in the same direction and that water is not doing any damage to your home.

If you need to add more extensions to your rain gutters, that would be the best time to do it. They make roll away rain extension that will unroll when it rains and roll back up when the rain stops. This is an excellent idea so that you won’t have any rain gutters extension mounted all over, which makes your home unattractive.

Rain gutter seal

This is like liquid rubber. When it is applied, it will harden. The rubber seal will last for years. This product will act as a filler; you can use it for holes, rust, and even fill the dents that your gutters may have. You can use it on the screws that hold the gutters in place, this way it won’t rust and will not allow the water to find a way to come through.

Rain gutter seal

Gutter covers

This will help keep out all the broken branches and leaves. This covers your rain gutter acting like a lid. They look like a screen allowing the water to come in and nothing else.…