• Things To Consider When Planning To Travel With Your Family
    Things To Consider When Planning To Travel With Your Family
    Most of the use love to have family holidays once in a year, but let’s face it, a trip as a family, especially with kids, might be a stressing experience.
  • Factors To Consider Before Choosing Plumbers
    Factors To Consider Before Choosing Plumbers
    When we faced with plumbing problems, it is important to choose the right technician to handle the situation.
  • Effects Of Media On Body Image
    Effects Of Media On Body Image
    Body image is the general view about one’s attractiveness.


Almost every type of business whether big or small has an online presence today. With the help of the Internet, finding a particular service has become a convenient task. There are so many options available that browsing through them tends to take up a lot of time.

In order to make this task easier, there are online directories available which provide listings of numerous businesses in a systematic manner. These websites provide options like area search and category search so that people only get the listings that are relevant.

Even for a company, getting listed on online directories can prove to be very useful. In this day and age with the ever increasing competition, every business wants maximum exposure and visibility amongst people. This is mainly important on the online platform as there every organization is trying to catch consumer’s attention. An online directory listing is one of the best ways to attract numerous people toward business, who are avid users of the Internet and are looking for particular services.

The numerous advantages of listing on a business directory includes;

Great visibility amongst people

It is one of the most important features as many people use online directories today to find business listings and if a company is listed, then it can easily catch the eye of relevant clients.


Comprehensive information to users

Leading business directories provide companies with options to present various information about them, including photos and videos. Through this, a business can easily display proper information to people and thus hope to gain more customers.

Local Promotions

Business directories are local by nature and thus when a person close by is looking for a particular service he/she can easily find a business. This helps businesses build a strong local image.

Numerous other facilities

Renowned online directories provide each business with facilities like road maps and thumbnails. With the aid of these things, people can more easily find a business and connect with it.

Inexpensive advertising

Directory websites provide businesses with either free or very affordable means of listing themselves. Thus this proves to be a very cost-effective way to promote a business online especially to the local audience.


dgd674Online business directories prove to be a very beneficial source for both users and businesses.With easy and convenient search options people tend to find the business they are looking for in a timely and efficient manners. Thus, if you are looking for a particular business  such as the Sky Phone Number or service near you then go online and make use of leading free online directories.…


Most of us have sat at a desk during our lives, and many still do on a daily basis. Desks are tables that are used to work on, and they come in various shapes, sizes and colors. If you are in the process of looking for some Office Desks Online, you will probably find so many options.

Deciding on which ones to buy can be quite a difficult tasks if you are not armed with the right information and in this article, we will give you some tips on how to buy good quality office furniture.

Consider your needaa06

Many reasons would prompt you to buy office furniture. You may want to make your work environment look more modern if the furniture there has been around for a few years or you may be opening a new branch office. Whatever, your reason may be, you must first decide on what you will buy and the quantity you need.

The design

You will often see desks, chairs, cabinets and other workplace furniture that have many designs. It will be best if you get all the ones to match so that nothing will look out of place. The sizes and shapes of the furniture are also important as you would need it to match the space in the room and the interior design.


It is important that the items you purchase are functional and not just showpieces. There is no use in having a large desk and chair if you cannot be productive when using them. There are some designs that will allow you to make the maximum use of the space available and also give you a smart look. Look closely at the furniture before you buy it so that you will not regret your choice.


Every company will have a budget when it comes to buying any asset for use. Set aside an amount and try to stay within it so that you do not end up paying too much. Shop around a little as there will be easy payment options and even discounts for the purchase or larger quantities. However, if you only wish to buy one piece, you may not need to look around too much.

Materials used

Furniture these days are made by using wood, steel, plastic and glass. Always take into account the durability of the product so that you will not end up with a broken piece of furniture.…


Forget the likes of Xbox and Sony console games that limit you to traditional controls. PC gaming comes packed with fantastic keyboard and mouse controls with high definition screen displays, and some top notch titles ranging from puzzles to sandbox explosive games, enough to excite adrenaline rush in any gaming enthusiast. While console die-hards still spend hours camping at outlets to get their hands on new releases, all the PC gamer needs to do is update software or get a hardware upgrade to move to the next level. Cost aside, let ‘s look at some technical stuff that put PC gaming way ahead of the console.

Advantages of PC gaming Over Console

Easy Updates

PC game developers will not wait forever before releasing a fresh new version of a game. As a matter of fact, some will automatically trickle to you automatic updates whenever you are online. Console games are often upgraded in bulk and enthusiasts often have to wait for a relatively extended period to enjoy new add-ons.

Hardware Upgrades

PCs are versatile, and you only need to learn a little about the hardware to acmnxmnmfnvndjnrjnjxmfd-vjsdgcomplish upgrades on your own. You can upgrade to anything ranging from the RAM, processor speed, disk space, and video graphics. Manufacturers of PC hardware work around the clock to make the devices faster and efficient. This means that you will never have to endure long queues and cold nights waiting for an official release of some new version of the console.

High Definition Screens and Amazing Graphics

While console developers claim they deliver exceptionally in this area, they are far much behind when one considers the quality of output gamers are treated to in PC games. Gaming is the world, and the more you can see it clearly the better the experience. PC games are currently running as high as 2001p with resolutions of 1280 x 1024.


This is a new gaming niche that you will only find in PC games. The fun in gaming comes with the challenges they force players to endure. Cheats allow players to delve deeper into the developer’s codes and discover loopholes that can be used to gain an edge over competitors.

Amazing Mouse and Keyboard

Manufacturers havejnxmncmvnnsjndjsnjnmnvcmxvs gone a notch higher to produce mouse and keyboard support tailor-made for the modern gamer. The multicolored and multi-functional devices come in creative designs to make the gaming experience personal.

These are exactly the five reasons why PC gaming is better than a console. If you look at the reasons keenly, you might even realize that console games might soon be replaced entirely by PC games.…


On the off chance that you work out of an office and gather numerous papers and records amid your work week, you know how critical a filing cabin can be. Filing cabins come in numerous sizes, styles, hues, and their quality reaches from poor to exceptional. Since filing cabin can keep going for a long time, it is imperative to buy a decent quality bureau that will fit your needs now and later on.

If you have a major and efficient filing cabin, you realize what leeway it is to have the greater part of your imperative data appropriate in a place where you can get to it immediately when required. This guide will help you to buy a perfect filing cabinet for your office, and it is equally helpful for people who have one but don’t utilize it well, then you realize what a distressing bad dream it can be to attempt to discover essential data. After that depiction, you may ask yourself, “What do I have to think about Filing Cabinets?”

Following are some of the types of office filling cabinets for you to decide according to your particular needs.

Lateral File Cabinet

Lateral File Cabinet are accessible in 2, 3, 4, and 5 drawer units with different widths and profundities. Common documents are placed side by side in the drawer. Lateral File Cabinets are built for higher volume workplaces with the most requesting documenting needs and highlight an interlocking framework to allow one drawer open at once.


Vertical File Cabinet

These come in letter-size, or legal-size and hanging files are stacked front to back in the drawer. Accessible in 2, 3, 4, or 5 drawer units, Business Use vertical file organizers are 22″, 25″, 26.5″, and 28.5″deep. Small Offices use vertical file organizers are measured for littler spaces and are accessible in 18″ and 22″ profundities and 2, 3, and 4 drawer units. Restricted and profound, Vertical File Cabinets take up less divider space yet require enough zone to completely expand the drawer.

Portable File Cabinet

Portable file organizers are built to effortlessly move under most standard work area surfaces. They are available in 2 drawers or 3 drawer designs and numerous depths. The units are intended to suit letter-size records stacked front to back in the drawer.


Now next time you need to buy a filing cabinet, you would have a better idea about your choices.…


Any homeowner or maintenance professional understands how important it is to have a tool chest. Selecting the correct electric screwdriver is critical to your tool box. The electric screw has become a valued addition to maintenance professionals and homeowners. The speed and easy the device is able to unfasten and fasten screws in comparison to traditional screws has made work more efficient. Popular Power Tools Electric Screw Drivers have become a great asset. Likewise one needs to be able to maintain and keep the tool well to ensure the longevity of use and function.

Electric Screwdriver Maintenance Tips

Read The Manualkaakakakaakkkkja

The tools manual is the first place to go where you will get specific instruction on how to maintain your electric screwdriver. Every model will have a particular guideline on what is required.

Perform warranty check

Ensure your purchase tools that have a guarantee. With this, if the device develops a problem there is an assurance that the manufacturer will repair or replace it. Most have a one-year warranty however it is best to have a tool that has a two-year warranty.


Have a storage area to be able to store your equipment well away from moisture or direct sunlight. Keep away from places where they can be damaged.


It is paramount to use the tool for the purpose it was intended for. Engaging in any other function other than the original one will lead to quick wear and tear of the device.

General Guidelines For The Tool

Assemble your tool well. Ensure you have placed the parts in the correct spaces especially for tools that you constantly change the parts. Before using the tool check the speed settings. Certain electric screws have speed setting that can be regulated. Setting the correct speed will go a long way in the maintenance and use of the electric screwdriver depending on the work being done.

ksksksksksksksAlways check on the contour of the screwdriver. Different contours function differently. Knowing the correct contour to use will prevent damage. Be aware of the voltage of the screwdriver. Those used at home and by professionals vary.

Know the extra components in the screwdriver and take the correct measures. There maybe trigger locks that need to be adjusted. Maintenance of your electric screwdriver is critical to the use of the device. A well-maintained tool will serve the owner for a long time.…


You’ll find yourself discovering a new menace to you and your company’s reputation as you start to read this article at first. You’ll discover hidden factors, in regards to your online reputation. These factors may lower your profits, without you realizing how and why it is happening. In addition, you will know why Online Reputation Management, is the first step, above all other marketing efforts, both offline and online. Check RenegadeWorks to learn more.

Online Reputation Management

ghdgd654In the crowded marketplace today, the consumer will make quick choices in regard to what they see your company’s reputation is online. For instance, reviews are written online about your company services from unsatisfied clients or customers. Whether your online reputation is true or not, it matters less to the busy consumer, who is looking for a local product or service recommendation online. That is exactly why you can not risk negative reputation. You need positive reputation in the form of testimonials, feedback, social media posts, etc.

Below are the factors you should consider when managing your online reputation.

Online searches

Online research has uncovered that approximately 80% of all online searches are local consumers looking for local services and products. Therefore, it is important that you go on the defense to ensure your reputation is not marked with negativity on the Internet. Usually, this negativity comes in the form of bad reviews on Google search results. Also, bad feedback, negative testimonials, negative Facebook posts, etc. Although obvious, struggle to maintain 100% customer satisfaction with all customers. And defuse all negative issues from customers fast. Also, assume, in the Information Age, everybody has the key to damage your reputation online.

Customer service

Your local business could become doomed fast, without being impeccable in this area. Reason being, as earlier mentioned, every individual customer today, has the ability to say anything on the world wide web, instantly. For example, this factor makes it critical to be positively unreasonable when solving negative issues by customers. As a result, you defuse customer issues within your company first, before they get to the general public online.

In other words, before they have a chance to get onto the Internet, by having the customer ‘air’ their dissatisfaction to everybody. Certainly, ‘positive irrationality’ means going an extra mile to satisfy customers that are hungry. And even losing profit a bit. However, consider this profit loss, marketing cost well spent. This expense added will return much more dollars, from a repaired relationship in word of mouth. Chances are, your newly satisfied customer will praise you in the presence of his friends, for your willingness to make it right.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to assume that your customer is right even if you know you did not do wrong to your angry customer. To best satisfy your customer’s problems, that is where you may have to act positively irrationally. Because sometimes, in regards to your customer’s complaint, you will need to act against your mind and what you know is true.

Communication leverage

gdhgd64Another factor is that consumers today have unlimited amounts of ‘communication leverage’. For instance, they say, “if you have one unsatisfied customer, he will tell 7 others in his personal realm”. However, the ordinary person today has much leverage than ever before. The fact is, anyone can go online right now, connect, and communicate with 100s and millions of people very fast. That said, the leverage of bad news can now travel widely to wider audiences, faster than ever before, by any lone person. We are now living in a time where bad news travels fastest. And this trend will continue into the future. As computing technology advances into a future of infinite possibilities.

You can control your reputation for the well online. This is how you can make an effort to flood the Internet with positive reviews, testimonials, your products, and services. You can …


To use amateur builders, is to commit a cardinal sin regarding your household decoration. Professional builders like Granny Flat Builders Sydney puts you at an advantage of getting the experts advice. The end result is a master piece that is admirable by all. Not only that but they have the expertise to carry out jobs professionally and safely. This article is going to give you the benefits of using professional builders.

Advantages of using a professional builder

Avoiding Being Ripped Off

To shop around for your materials or to hire an amateur zfsdfsdfsdfsdfbuilder who may be a friend or family member is to risk losing out  money. Professional builders have the right idea on where to buy the best materials for the best prices. By not going to the typical home improvement stores of mass produced materials, they avoid the all high prices for materials which usually com much cheaper.

Quality of Work

Amateur builders, or to do it yourself, also risks the potential of the work that is needed to be done. If you were to produce a patio yourself, you risk not placing the tiles down securely or not mixing the cement to its correct consistency which not only wastes your time but your money too. Professional builders have years of experience and training to undertake such tasks and to know how to build the project effectively and, also, efficiently. Many amateurs, or cowboy builders, refrain from completing a project if they are paid by the hour to scrape more money from the buyer.


The chances are that you work full time, maybe in a manual job or potentially in an office so why would you want to do more work on your days off? Hiring a professional builder, on top of them carrying out a better quality of work for a lower price, makes your life a lot more relaxing. Or, if you was to hire your friend or family member to carry out the work, you don’t have to constantly monitor them and asking them if they need or want help. The best thing to do is to leave a professional builder to do his job and then leave, while you sit back and relax with a beer or a cup of coffee.


sdfssdfsdfsdfsdfThere you have it! Benefits of using professional builders and why you should not skimp out on paying the price of top quality work so that you can save a few bucks by paying your distant cousin a few notes to do the work poorly. We hope you enjoyed this article. Choose the right option.…


Unlike many people think a dog crate is important for your dog. Training your dog on sleeping in an escape proof dog crate is not cruel in any way. The main thing is to make the place feel like a comfort place. Just like you go to your bed after a long day of work, a dog also needs a quiet place to relax.

This is why a dog crate is meant to offer comfort and a relaxation, and it should not act as a cage. It is important to find a good dog cage that will match the needs of your dog.

Why consider buying a dog crate?

Part of house training

If you keep your dog around the house, then it is only reasonable to do some traerwerwrewining to avoid destruction of your items. Just like potty training where you train your dog not to mess up your house, dog crate training is important.

This is a good way to prevent your dog from just lying anywhere and getting an ideal space that is meant for them. This will avoid messing up your home and destructing your valuables.

Make traveling easier

When planning to carry your dog for a long distance, you might need a place for the dog to stay during travel. This is especially if you are going on a car travel because you can always move your dog crate to the car boot and transport the dog. Your dog will remain comfortable throughout the travel. When going by air, a dog crate can also be very helpful.

Timeout techniques

Many people tend to confuse a time-out technique with punishment. The truth is a time-out area should be a place where your dog goes to relax and calm down. This is especially if your dog is the aggressive one and it a good technique to teach your rwerwerwrwdog on how to relax.

Prevent destructive habits

Some dogs are so destructive, and this causes a lot of losses to your possession. If you have a dog that tends to be destructive and especially if you are not around to supervise it, then a dog crate is important. A dog crate will keep your dog away from your valuables and prevent distraction.

Resting area

A dog crate provides a good resting area for your dog. Just like you have your favorite place where you rest after a long day, your dog will also appreciate a good resting area like a dog crate.…


Everyone says that to lose weight and get in shape you should exercise more and eat a healthy diet. But weight loss for women is different to that in men in various ways. Women and men have different hormones, and a woman’s hormones have an effect on her appetite control, metabolism and how to lose 10 pounds. Here are some facts every woman should know about weight loss will help you achieve a healthy body.

Have An Understanding Of Your Hormonesasdxsyfhnjtrfdgy

Weight loss for women can be more complex as women are more likely to lose muscle and gain fat quickly than men. This is especially so as your hormones change as women reach the age of menopause. They usually tend to have less energy and exercise less. To combat these issues, make an effort to walk for at least half an hour each day. Join a yoga, fitness or dance class with a friend, and raise your exercise daily to help you lose weight and stay fit.

Don’t Starve Yourself

Woman have a lower resting metabolic rate than men. This indicates that a woman will burn fewer calories than a man of the same size. The solution here is to steer clear of very low-calorie diets that put your body into starvation mode. If you do, it will make it much more challenging to burn calories and lose weight, and you will feel worn out and unhealthy.

Eat More Of These Foods

Think about innovative ways to add foods to your diet, instead of removing them. Find the means to include 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables to your everyday eating plan. This will also help you to add more fiber to your diet, and fresh fruits and vegetables fill your stomach and make you feel more satisfied and full.

Drink More Water

asdasfdyghdryghDrink plenty of water. If your weight is 160 pounds, you want to aim for ingesting at least 80 ounces of water every day. Drinking water improves your digestive system, boosts your metabolism, and helps to detoxify your system. Hunger can sometimes be confused with thirst. A refreshing glass of cold water can help to curb those hunger pangs.

Do not look at exercises a chore

Don’t think of your fitness routines as “exercise” and you will enjoy them more. Simple activities like walking with friends and family, cycling and playing with your children are all powerful ways to enjoy exercise help you lose weight and keep fit.…


One of the most unexpected toys of the year has been finally here, and it is none other than the ” Hatchimals “. The Hatchimal are considered toys which are exhibiting real life motions when they are played or touched by the child. These responsive toys have gained worldwide popularity due to its uniqueness and reports suggest that they have become the most wanted toys of the year.

The company Spin Master is the mastermind behind the creation, and the toy is simply a large egg which contains a toy in it. The large egg is made from a hard material similar to that of plastic. It has been found that, when the time is right, the egg hatches and the toy pops out creating fascinations in the child’s mind. Go to http://hatchimals.net/ and see these amazing hatching animals!

How to hatch the eggs

gdhgd64To get this egg hatched, the child needs to be in constant interaction with the shell, which contains a touch technology. When the toy is tapped by the child, the Hatchimal taps back. When you stroke it, it lights up making sounds. The toy is definitely unique in its creation and surely one of a kind. The toy usually hatches within 30 minutes of continuous play, all by itself. The breaking of the outer shell is done by the Hatchimal by pecking it continuously around the shell with force.

The hatched Hatchimal behavior changes within a couple of days and weeks. As a baby Hatchimal, the child needs to feed it daily by pecking its beak on the floor. It slowly grows and matures to become a toddler and finally an adult Hatchimal.

They are interactive

gdhgd674The toy becomes more interactive and will respond more as it grows through its stages. As a toddler, it will dance, repeat your words and move when the child clap his/her hands. When the Hatchimal is in its adult stage, it would even play games with the child. The Hatchimals consist of two families, the Pengualas and Draggles which resemble like penguins, koalas, and dragons.

The company ” Spin master ” always had a clever approach towards making toys and the company claims that it took two years for them to develop it. It included selecting the material of the shell, timing for hatching and the touch responses, growing and maturing of the Hatchimal, etc. The company also ensured that the child is not bored with toy, before and after the hatching process of Hatchimal. The Hatchimal toy works all by itself doesn’t require any mobile app for its function like the other toys in the market. The toy is priced at $59.99 at Amazon.…


There are different technologies used in food delivery in the catering industry. Pizza delivery features prominently when it comes to food delivery services. Thus, it important to highlight the things that make Pizza delivery bags from this website work with precision. Here are some things to know when buying Pizza delivery bags.

Factors to consider

Type of material useddcDCADadwcawc

There are two major types of Pizza delivery bags. One is made from a 1.000 denier nylon fitted with a nylon lining while the other is produced from a 600 denier polyester material which also has a nylon lining. The 1,000 denier exterior material bags can last up to 10 years. On the average, it is vital to know that the quality of the bag would determine the state of the Pizza.

Heat loss

The average Pizza bag allows a 5-degree heat loss per hour. This statistic may vary depending on how full the bag is and the temperature at the time that it was filled. A good Pizza bag can keep food frozen for up to 3 days.


Most Pizza bag sellers are quick to offer discounts especially when you are buying in bulk. When a customer purchases a case, discounts are issued on the bags. It is vital to mention that ten pizza bags make up a case.

Customization options

It is possible to place your logo on the flap closure of the pizza delivery bag with the use of PMS colors. If the bag does not have this feature, it is not advisable to purchase it. However, most companies would charge you for digitization (imprinting your logo on the bags) and it is usually a one-time charge.


qdcAEwdqIt is possible to wash and extend the life of Pizza delivery bags. You can place a bag that is looking dirty in a washing machine, and it comes out sparkling new. A machine wash in cold water laced with liquid detergent (in a delicate cycle) is ideal to get the best results. You can then use a low temperature setting to dry the bag. You must ensure that the Velcro opening on the bag is completely closed when you are washing.

Many other factors that come into play when you want to make a smart purchase. It is important to mention that issues like liners, the content for warming, storage and much more play significant roles in defining how good a bag is. The items that have been listed above would put you in good stead to make an informed decision. The five things to know when buying Pizza delivery bags would help you to get real value for each investment you make.…


When it comes to hiring a roofing company to repair your roof, you are likely to experience some uncertainty, particularly if you have never hired a roofing company before. Dishonest roofers do exist, and it is imperative to arm and protect yourself by knowing some of the tactics that most of these scam roofers use. This will help you choose the ideal roofing company and not to wrong one. In doubt? Check Us Out to avoid falling prey to unscrupulous contractors. Here are five signs you might be dealing with dishonest roofers.

Warning Signs

Low estimatesdcwadcawadAWcc

Before hiring a roofing company, you need to ask for the fee quotes. These quotes will not only give you a clear idea of the total amount/cost that you can anticipate spending on your roof, but also they can be an alert. A dishonest roofer will often quote an overly low estimate as a way to entice you and to make his offer seem appealing. Before engaging yourself so before falling into the trap, try to contract other different companies to compare estimates

If the down payment amount is excessive

Consumer protection agencies have warned homeowners against paying a large sum of money to roofers up front. It is customary for any reputable roofer only to ask for money that will cover the first 30% of the job or to ask money to pay for supplies only. You should never pay the full amount for any replacement or repair before the job is done. If a roofing company asks you for the entire sum of money up front, it’s a clear sign you’re dealing with a dishonest roofer.

Written contracts

A legit roofing company will always start a job with a written agreement. This is vital because it will protect you and the company that is working for you. If the roofing company does not have a written contract or are reluctant to offer one, that’s a clear sign that it is a dishonest roofer. Do not by any chance hire a roofing company that doesn’t have a written contract that states all the details of the work, the total fee charged and the time for completion.

asdqcdqaSDcAFictional contract info

Always ensure that you have identified the business’s address. A professional roofing contractor should also provide at least 2 or 3 working phone numbers and that they are all verified. Try to confirm this information by calling all the numbers and try to drive past the address they have given you.

Door-to-door sales

An established roofing company will never knock on your door to advertise their sales and services. This is because they clearly know that their reputation will lead customers to them. If you happen to get a door knock especially after a storm, it’s a clear sign you are being scammed…


When we faced with plumbing problems, it is important to choose the right technician to handle the situation. If the right person is got, it means your problem will be solved in the right way and most probably permanently. There are so many plumber companies in Frisco.

Hence residents should be careful and should consider the following factors before settling for the company to deal with their plumbing issues

Get referrals

dfgxcvhbnmAsk for referrals from people who have had a similar problem as you do and got it repaired. Such information can be got from friends, family, neighbors, who will give you contacts of plumbers who did a good job in their house or office sometimes. A good plumber will always sell themselves, and the best way to do is by referrals from previous customers.

Check license

It is very important to make sure that the plumber you choose is licensed. Owning a license is the only proof and guarantee that a plumbing company has fulfilled all legal requirements and hence the capability to give good services. It is easier too to locate a licensed plumber if need be.


In the case of large projects insurance is very important as it will cover you and the plumber in case of damages or injuries during the project. Ask for insurance copies that are up to date as proof that your company of service is insured.

Experience in similar projects

Consider choosing a plumber who has done the similar job as you want to be done before. You can prove this by checking the number of years the person has been working as a plumber. If one has handled similar projects as yours for quite a long time, then it shows that they have enough experience and nothing will limit them from giving you good services as well.

Cost of service

rtfdgxdcvhbjValue for your cash is another important factor. Do not settle for the first plumber, but get at least three different quotations for the same piece of work. Quotations should state the materials to be used and the approximated time of doing the work. Such will enable you to choose the most appealing offer. It is said that cheap is always, or expensive, cost is in most cases associated with quality. But it might not be the case always. Ensure you go for the best deal. All that matters is that you get the value for your money.…


Body image is the general view about one’s attractiveness. People with a negative view of their body image, see themselves as overweight, unattractive and lacking the ideal body shape.

This is what most of the viewer’s get from media

  • Celebrity and model bodies are all over today in magazines, televisions, and even newspapersertdfghxz

These images provide a certain concept in the viewer’s mind of what a perfect body weight should be. Some of the reasons why teenagers and even adults feel bad about their body image are peer pressure, self-esteem and body changes. Media plays a major reason too and even a bigger effect than the above. What the media portrays as a perfect body is very unattainable. It also sends a very bad image that only thin girls are beautiful, if not then otherwise. The media presents false body images in advertisements, thinking that they are convincing people to buy their products, without knowing that they are hurting someone’s ego on the other side.

  • The media for example always uses tall, slim girls for advertisements

This makes it look like only slim, tall girls are beautiful and have a say in the society. So a girl who is short and fat never appreciates themselves. Such a girl grow unsatisfied with their bodies. For boys, these tall, masculine guys are always presented. A boy who lacks this body image will think they are not worth hence lowering their self-esteem.

  • These sense of being unsatisfied with their bodies makes teenagers look like they are obsessed with what they look like

The images of models make girls want to look like them and at the end of the day can do anything to achieve this. They will even go to extremes of dieting and even taking harmful substances in the name of wanting to get slim. The girls will even go to depths of reconstructing their bodies using plastic surgery. If the mechanisms do not work on them, it will affect their abilities, even it can affect their performance in school or job. The media should, therefore, be very careful with what they present as a perfect body because teenagers take that as a realist.

  • The media also gives what should be or not eaten for such bodies to achieved

erxdcdfghjThis lead to eating disorders among viewers. Conditions like Anorexia and Bulimia are increasing very much among teenagers today. They are eating less to achieve the skinny bodies termed as perfect. Most of them today are underweight as proven by medical studies. The media possess a very negative impact on body image of the viewers. They make them go to extremes and strenuous activities to achieve that which ends up harming them.…